We like to read.

Our Press

Rembrandt's La Ronde de Nuit (Nightwatch) actually portrays a daytime scene. We like this paradox. It's what inspired us to create a publishing house named, appropriately, La Ronde de Nuit.


Our press is ever-alert, on the lookout for emerging writers. We also want to revive forgotten texts.

The Sentinel is a large, black swan that doesn't sleep. Its role is to warn the others in case of danger by dropping into the water the pebble it holds in its beak. Plop.

We've decided to be sentinels.


We like anything that is strange, fantastical, off the beaten track, distorted, saturated, apocalyptic, magical.

We like the reckless, the twisted, the obstinate, the furious, the astonished, the inconsolable, the possessed.

We like the ones who fall, the ones who would prefer not to, the ones whose hearts beat too quickly for no reason, the ones who make lists, the ones who believe in miracles, the ones who know how to live, the ones who are just the messenger.

We like to know how the story ends.

A book is an excellent residence, the perfect hiding place where our metamorphoses can unfold.


We like to read.